The organ keyboard „Professional“ was designed and constructed for pipe organs with electric action and digital organ consoles. Our classical two-levered organ keyboard is built by a professional organ building manufactory. The developement was supervised by concert organists in order to satisfy high ergonomic demands.

„Professional“ reproduces the typical touch of a tracker action. Our keys provide a pressure point and imitate the weight of the action - as it is found at a tracker action console. Our innovative product works without return spring thus avoiding the typically „lazy“ mass of a return spring. This „lazy“ mass must no more be overcome by the attack. Moreover the overdone fast returning of the key must no longer be balanced by the way of leaving the key. So one will have the total control over attack and final of every key.

„Professional“ is robust and free of wear and tear.

The following components can be ordered according to personal ideas:

  • synchronization of contacts
  • pressure point force
  • playing weight
  • keyforms (addituional extra charge possible)
  • key layers (add. extra charge)
  • keyboard brackets

Unless otherwise arranged the organ keyboard „Professional“ will be delivered with wooden layers and with key measures according to „BDO-standards“. Additionally we offer electronic hardware matching opto-electronic contacts. It will be able to controle all functions of a MIDI-console.

The marketing of our keyboards PROFESSIONAL will be managed by the company "PC und Musik" ( You will get all informations about prices and delivery there.

The keyboard "Professional" is protected according to German law as Gebrauchsmuster Nr. 202013002462.3.

Capriccio Professional